“There was vibrancy to how the dancers’ precise lines dissolved to make way for shining solo turns. From the sweet perseverance of Ephrat Asherie, known as Bounce, to Garrett Wilson’s crowd-pleasing turn as Michael Jackson and Mr. Austin’s marvelously vivid popping sequence, the range of dancers demonstrated an intergenerational hip-hop.”

New York Times, August 2010

“Undoubtedly, the highlights of the night are the puppet MC, and b-boy, hip-hop-influenced dance choreography in two acts.  The first piece,”NMQP,”mixes elegant ballet and complicated b-boy stalls and holds. Set to the music of Nina Simone and performed and choreographed by Ephrat Asherie, this one woman combination of styles uses the entire stage and a lot of air space. The elegant beauty of the balletic and jazz-inspired combinations contrasts pleasantly with the technical and impossible feats of strength associated with the b-boy styles incorporated. Asherie also choreographed and danced in A House is Not A Home, an allegory for what might happen in the down time at a brothel set to a rolling and poignant night club beat—the stage virtually shakes with the force and passion of the staccato dance movements. The standouts are Asherie and Jak-Hamah, a 6-and-a-half-foot-tall black man who could have been a linebacker for the Eagles but instead performs dressed in a black lace flapper dress replete with pearls and tiara. The movements are ambitious and taken in rounds, much like a breaking cypher, but assuredly with roots in Vogueing and what is less commonly known as Whacking.”   L Magazine, June 2010

“ You haven't seen street tough redefined until you've seen B-girl Bounce whirl through a corkscrew in a flapper dress and heels.”   San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 2008

“Ephrat "Bounce" Asherie and a performer known as Cyclone turn out to be well-named. She spins on her back with break-dance abandon, while he twirls like a top on his head, an upside-down human gyro. Their part in the karate number is among the most athletic in the show.”  Chigaco Tribune, July 2006